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Ravi Iyer Academy For Performing Arts is located in one of the most developing western suburbs of Mumbai.


A one-of-a-kind music school & studio that offers unique & result oriented methods of education for learning music along with holistic training, offered to enhance your skills in the field of music and performing arts.


Ravi Iyer Academy aims to give you a solid foundation in music from a beginner level until the advanced levels, molding you as a complete performer, whether live or/and as a studio musician.


This academy has been founded and mentored by Ravi Iyer, a highly acclaimed guitar player, composer and mentor with an experience of over 25 years in the field of music education, as well as an accomplished performer live and in studio sessions.


This State-Of-Art music academy is equipped with advanced technology & content.


A one stop hub for a complete music and performance oriented education, you will find yourself learning and performing in a studio environment with a sound proofed & acoustically treated room, an ambience and décor that plays a very important role in your inspiration to learn better and perform better. We also have a library with reference books, CDs/DVDs and above all an in-house well-equipped recording & audio production studio.


Guitars and beyond…


Guitar music is able to blend itself in multiple genres; therefore a good command over this alluring string instrument can always ease the playability across various genres with respect to each one’s liking and strengths.


This academy offers a comprehensive course designed and planned by Ravi Iyer (for guitar), to enable the students to get hold of a strong foundation in theory and performance, which will prepare them for their exams as well as enable them to prepare for studying advanced courses, within the academy or elsewhere in India or abroad.  


Should our students need guidance on their present or future plans to educate themselves in the field of music and performing arts, the academy faculty can always be depended on for their valuable guidance.




The regular weekly lessons constitute of  4 lessons every month with each lesson being for a duration of 1 hour. Batches are arranged based on the slots available at the academy.

Typically you should be able to complete the foundation and intermediate level over a period of 1 year based on the number of hours you dedicate for your practice at your end. Once you complete a year's course with us, you could decide and plan further education, where you could seek expert advice from our esteemed faculty.


Books / Equipment / Recordings  

At Ravi Iyer Academy, students will be provided with their respective instruments during the learning sessions, however they will need to purchase their own instruments for which they shall be judiciously guided.

Books connected with the learning curriculum can be purchased at an additional cost either from the academy or from other sources, depending on the syllabus/courses followed together.
Additional practice hours (sessions) can be booked in case the student needs to use the academy infrastructure for self - practice purposes. These practice sessions will be charged on hourly basis and are subject to availability of slots.


All students will be able to record their musical piece at the in-house recording studio, once they are prepared with the composition they wish to record. This recording will be of the highest quality that can be used by the students for their development in the future. The students need to book the studio in advance for the number of hours required. Additional recording studio charges will apply, depending upon the number of hours used.

The respective faculty/ mentor will be present during these recording sessions to help, encourage and guide the student in getting his or her piece of work recorded successfully.
Thus, every student, at every level, will benefit by the recording sessions, starting from the beginner's levels too.



Students can avail the benefit of workshops conducted periodically that will be spear headed by highly acclaimed guest artists across various genres.

Remember the movie ‘The School of Rock’? Yes! Our students can also perform their gigs and can experience the magic of a live concert also at times the students can also join the professionals for their performances.


Students can also benefit from the various reference books & CDs/DVDs from our in-house library.


Learn! Jam! Perform! Record!

Regular jamming sessions amongst the students will be arranged where each student gets to interact musically and learn from each other and at times, with professionals too.

Performances by the students will be arranged occasionally within the academy where friends, families and well-wishers can attend these performances.

Recording of these performances on audio & video format will be executed at the
 in-house recording studio. The students will benefit from this while promoting their talent for future prospects or for sharing with their well-wishers.


Administration System

We believe that learning in a sophisticated environment has a lasting effect on a student’s grasping abilities & personal development. Therefore at Ravi Iyer Academy we follow an automated administration system, which allows the students to track their lessons, plan their lesson & much more through individual student access to this urbane music education system.

This makes learning a transparently quantified process between the student and the teacher.

What more?

Parents too can access their child’s schedule, progress, lesson status & the practice logs with their personal login IDs.

And above all each parent/adult student can keep himself or herself updated with the Academy to always know what he or she is paying for. This information will be accessible 24/7 by logging into their personal accounts with the academy, from any Internet based device.


Ravi Iyer Academy For Performing Arts will be under CCTV surveillance 24/7.