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A Performer: -Krishnan Narayanan, a preferred Mridangam artiste, was initiated into this art form at the tender age of 7. He was under the tutelage of Gurus Shri R. Ramanathan and Mridangam Vidwan, Late Guru Trichy Raghava Iyer (younger brother of Alathur S. Srinivasa Iyer). Krishnan has been providing support on the mridangam for many leading musicians across vocal, instrumental, dance and fusion categories for over 3 decades. He has been part of various music ensembles and adapts to all genres with ease and perfection. An avid music enthusiast, he is also adept in playing various percussion instruments including the Kanjira, Ghatam & Morsing. His unique, supportive style of playing embellishes the concert and appeals to the audience and musicians alike.


An Able Trainer: - He is one of the lucky few to have been practically trained by the  maestro Guru Shri Trichy Raghava Iyer himself in teaching the sacred art of playing the Mridangam in the sampradaaya paramparaa. He believes that due to his Guru’s blessings and inherent skills, he has been able to develop a customized methodology, catering to the ability and capability of a student, rather than rolling out a general common format of training. He also believes that the Genes of his great-grand father who was a singer and percussion artiste with the Kathakali format of Kerala have helped him perfect the nuances of percussion.


 At the tender of age of 14, Krishnan started helping his mentor and Guru in imparting training, the art of playing Mridangam, in various parts of Mumbai. At one time, Krishnan was training more than 75+ students under the able guidance of his Guru and this phase in life has helped him hone his teaching skills. Most of his students then and now believe that his practical sense of training and the fact that he is able to relate to various genres of music in current times is helping them to perfect the art of playing the Mridangam. An ardent Shishyaa (disciple) of Guru Shri Trichy Raghava Iyer, he is able to amalgamate the traditional way with the modern way of teaching. To many of his students, Krishnan is more than a teacher - an uncle to the younger children, a friend to the teens and a guide to the older students.


His understanding of World music has helped him reconfigure lessons to suit the ever-demanding styles and formats of contemporary percussion techniques. He personally believes that Music is eternal, global, soothing to the ears, with finer nuances and facets that are ever evolving to the changing times of the World.


Krishnan has to his credits many compositions, awards and certificates of merit. He is proficient in music production and has spent considerable hours in polishing his skills in handling microphones, mixing boards, DAW’s, audio effects, synthesizers and other essential music production tools. Krishnan lives in Borivali (East), a suburb of Mumbai.


Krishnan Narayanan mentors the Percussion education at Ravi Iyer Academy For Performing Arts.